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Posted on 11-04-2018

Tourism for all

If tourism is to be for everyone, the reception facilities must be of the highest quality. This was a lesson learnt during preparations for the 2006 Winter Paralympic Games in Turin, thanks to which Piedmont has organized the very best accessible tourist facilities. The Turismabile project was advocated by the Region of Piedmont and realized by the Consulta per le Persone in Difficoltà Onlus, the aim being to promote tourism in Piedmont from the perspective of accessibility. The underlying philosophy is that the region’s historic and artistic attractions, natural beauties and accommodation must be “for everyone” – not just those with motorial, intellectual or sensorial disabilities, but all categories of tourists with special needs of one kind or another orologi iwc replica, from people who suffer from food intolerance to those with allergies, from the elderly to pregnant women, who in Piedmont will find an ideal environment for a holiday or break “without barriers”. Also because what for a tourist with special needs is a minimum service, for all those who do not have such needs it is just an added convenience. There are 25 theme-based itineraries divided according to geographical area. The level of accessibility of accommodation and tourist facilities to those with special needs is clearly marked.
The suggestions, which are an ideal starting point for organizing a tailor-made holiday, cover the whole region, and reveal the existence of a tourist reality that does not just offer access to buildings, but consists of personnel trained to provide hospitality in the broad sense of the term, the availability of specific menus in restaurants and of assistance in museums.


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